Asia Express - Mobile Communications
Weekly TD-SCDMA Update August 4-10
August 08, 2008
- China Mobile and TD-SCDMA equipment providers recently declared that the TD-SCDMA networks have already been updated to TD-HSDPA (Time Division High Speed Uplink Packet Access), also known as the 3.75G technology, in the eight Olympic-venue cities, Sina News reported on August 8. 3G services based on the TD-HSDPA platform enables subscribers to enjoy stable data transmission at a maximum speed of over 16Mbps.

- Shanghai Mobile, China Mobile's subsidiary in Shanghai, recently launched an enhanced version of TD-SCDMA data card, which supports the HSDPA technology, Sohu News reported on August 8. Using TD-HSDPA data card, subscribers can now pay as little as 20 RMB (US$2.9; US$1=6.9RMB) on average to enjoy Olympics Games by means of their own mobile phones at stable data transmission speeds of around 800 Kbps, which is considerably faster than the 384 Kbps enabled by TD-SCDMA alone.

Currently, the data card is only available for the volunteers and staff members of the Olympics Games. The data card is slated for nationwide rollout in September 2008, with a price tag of around 1000 RMB (US$145.6), according to Sohu News.

- Chinese mobile phone supplier Hisense recently announced that the company has set up a new production line for dual-mode TD-SCDMA/GSM mobile phones, claimed to be one of the biggest TD-SCDMA mobile phone production lines in China, Sina News reported on August 7. With an expected annual capacity of 500,000 units, the new production line is an SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) line tailor-made for TD-SCDMA handsets, featuring high reliability, strong anti-vibration, and less electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. By employing SMT, production costs are expected to be reduced by 30% to 50%, according to the same source.