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Tatung Telecom Awarded First Permit for WiMAX Base Station Construction in Taiwan
July 04, 2008
Taiwanese WiMAX licensee Tatung Telecom was awarded a permit to construct WiMAX base stations by Taiwan's NCC (National Communications Commission) on July 3, Economic Daily News of Taiwan reported. Previously, Tatung Telecom had filed a petition with the NCC for the spin-off of its WiMAX business unit, but to no avail.

Tatung Telecom is the first Taiwanese WiMAX licensee to receive such a permit and plans to set about establishing WiMAX base stations in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Hualien, and Penghu. If signal coverage reaches 70% of the local population in any of said districts, Tatung Telecom will be able to commence commercial WiMAX operations in that district with NCC's approval.