Asia Express - Mobile Communications
Weekly TD-SCDMA Update June 16-22
June 22, 2008
- China's MII (Ministry of Information Industry) has demanded China Mobile to sign up more over 100 million TD-SCDMA mobile phone subscribers by 2010, with an aim to spur the development of China's homegrown 3G mobile phone market, Reuters News reported. In addition, China Mobile plans to invite the next-round bid for TD-SCDMA network construction in October 2008. The deal is valued at 30 billion RMB (US$4.36 billion; US$1=6.9 RMB), according to the same report. China Mobile, however, declined to comment on said matter.

- Following the announcement made by China Mobile in May 2008 that it has invited the second-round tender for 100,000 TD-SCDMA terminals, including mobile phones and data cards, the company recently claimed that an addition of 100,000 TD-SCDMA terminals will be included in the second-round tender catering for the imminent 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China Business News reported on June 20. Unless additional procurements are made, the number of TD-SCDMA terminals will total 275,000 before the Olympics Game.

- Following Chinese TD-SCMDA chip design house Commit's exit from the chip business, Datang Mobile, the second largest stakeholder of TD-SCDMA chip maker T3G, is considering selling all of its 32.11% stake in T3G, with an estimated value of 122.2 million RMB (US$17.7 million), Xinhua News reported. It is reported that Geneva-based semiconductor maker STMicroelectronics may take over Datang Mobile's stake in T3G, a joint venture formed in 2003. Founding members NXP Semiconductors, Datang Mobile, Samsung, and Motorola hold stakes of 42.7%, 32.11%, 16.91%, and 8.28%, respectively, in T3G.