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China's Nanjing Huaxian High-Tech to Kick Off SM-PDP Production in June
May 30, 2008
Nanjing Huaxian High-Tech of China is expected to commence production of China's proprietary SM-PDP (Shadow Mask Plasma Display Panels) starting in June, China Business News reported. Moreover, 42-inch plasma TVs using Huaxian's panels are slated for market debut under the brand name of Panda Electronics, a major stakeholder of Huaxian, before the Beijing Olympic Games in August.

Huaxian has invested 150 million RMB (US$21.6 million; US$1=6.9 RMB) in the SM-PDP line and plans to ramp up its capital to 773 million RMB (US$111.3 million) in the second half of 2008. Huaxian expects to produce 120,000 SM-PDP by year-end 2008 and projects a full-year capacity of one million units by 2010.