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LG Display Introduces TFT Roll-printing Technology for LCD Fabrication
May 09, 2008
LG Display announced on May 8 that the company has developed a next-generation TFT (Thin Film Transistor) roll-printing technology to replace the photolithography process used in TFT-LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) fabrication, Nikkei Electronics Asia reported.

Using the roll-printing technology instead of photolithography is projected to facilitate the process of forming desired patterns on the TFT and color filter substrate as well as shorten the time required to produce TFT-LCDs. According to the Nikkei report, LG Display's environment-friendly roll-printing technology is capable of reducing the amount of chemicals required by the photolithography process and can be applied to the fabrication of next-generation flexible displays.

LG Display is scheduled to unveil the new TFT roll-printing technology at the SID (Society of Information Display) 2008, to be held from May 20 through 22 in Los Angeles, California.