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LPL to Change Name to LG Display
February 15, 2008
Korean LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panel maker LPL (LG.Philips LCD) announced on February 12 that the company plans to change its current name to LG Display. The motion is pending approval by the shareholders' meeting, scheduled to be held on February 29.

The company expects to start using the new name from March 3, 2008 after gaining the shareholders' approval. According to LPL's statement quoted in Chosun Ilbo, the change of name reflects the company's business expansion and diversification to include AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) and flexible displays in its product portfolio, as well as the change in business governance after the reduction of Dutch Philips' stake in LPL from 32.9% to 19.9 % in October 2007.