Asia Express - Mobile Communications
November 30, 2007
- According to Chinese-language Sina News, China's TD-SCDMA Alliance recently revealed that China Mobile's TD-SCDMA trial networks are slated for completion in eight cities by the end of 2007 and at least 10 more by the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The deployment in Xiamen and Qingdao, as well as the laggard cities - including Guangzhou and Shanghai - all has concluded, except Beijing, which has completed 80% of the construction. According to the same source, the next phase of trial network construction are expected to take place in the second-tier cities and other first-tier cities, with deployment expected to commence in April 2008.

- According to Chinese-language Sina News, Chinese mobile phone operator China Mobile recently announced that it has been undertaking tests for the first batch of TD-SCDMA mobile phones, of which one device is reportedly running on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system. This mobile phone is reported to support TD-SCDMA and GSM/GPRS networks, with features such as 2.4-inch touchscreen display, built-in 3MP camera, and microSD memory card slot. The name of the phone maker, however, remains undisclosed.