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First Batch of UWB Platforms Obtain Certification from WiMedia Alliance
October 19, 2007
The WiMedia Alliance recently announced that it has completed an UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Common Radio Platform interoperability testing on the first batch of 12 platforms launched by the WiMedia members.

Members including Alereon, Artimi, Intel, Sataccato, Tzero, and WiQuest of the United States, Realtek of Taiwan, and Wisair of Israel have passed the UWB compliance and interoperability testing, according to a Nikkei Electronics report.

Two phases of testing are involved in the procedure. In the first phase, all vendors will test and register UWB PHY (Physical) layer based on the WiMedia Alliance PHY specification. Incorporated with a MAC (Media Access Control) layer, the registered PHYs will be envisaged as a complete platform and will then be submitted for certification. Official platform certification will be rewarded to those who complete testing at all levels, which ensures cross-platform interpretability.