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Toshiba to Kick Off 30nm NAND Flash Production in 2009
October 12, 2007
Stepping away from the current 56nm process technology, Japan's Toshiba recently announced that it will upgrade its NAND flash memory production to 30nm process technology in 2009, in a bid to reduce production costs by half.

In an Asia Express dated April 27, 2007, Toshiba was reported to migrate from 56nm to 43nm process technology by 2008. According to a recent Reuters report, the company's fourth plant in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture is scheduled to begin mass producing chips using 43nm process technology by March 2008. Following the successful transition to 43nm process technology, Toshiba plans to move further ahead and implement 30nm process technology in the second half of 2009.

This move is projected to significantly enhance Toshiba's competitiveness in NAND flash memory technology and production cost.