Asia Express - Mobile Communications
August 17, 2007
- China Business News reported that due to limitations in chip technology, HSDPA-enabled TD-SCDMA mobile phones will not be available as initially planned until the first quarter of 2008. According to the same report, the first batch of TD-SCDMA phones, to be released after October 2007, will not support HDSPA, which is expected to significantly compromise the development of mobile TV service on the TD-SCDMA network.

- According to Chinese-language Sina News, starting in late August this year, China Netcom will initiate its first TD-SCDMA trial in Qingdao. Nearly 80 types of TD-SCDMA phones, provided by vendors such as Lenovo, Haier, and LG, will be employed in China Netcom's Qingdao trial, which will include both indoor and outdoor tests.