Asia Express - Mobile Communications
June 23, 2007
- China's Xinhua News recently reported that China Mobile has been engaged in planning for the second-phase expansion of its TD-SCDMA network. Currently the first-phase TD-SCDMA network covers only ten cities, and China Mobile's expansion project is expected to extend TD-SCDMA coverage nationwide. According to the same report, this project has nothing to do with the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics. Further details were not yet revealed.

- According to Chinese-language Sina News, Chinese Datang Mobile and ZTE have won China Netcom's tender for TD-SCDMA trial network construction in Qingdao, slated for completion by the end of October 2007. The bidding process for China Telecom's TD-SCDMA trial network in Baoding bidding is currently underway.

- The Chinese-language Nanfang Daily recently reported that Huawei has successfully developed two dual-mode mobile phones, which enable automatic switching between TS-SCDMA and GSM networks. These two models are slated to hit the market in September 2007. Furthermore, the company also plans to release dual-mode TD-HSDPA/EDGE data cards in the forth quarter this year.