Asia Express - Mobile Communications
December 29, 2006
German Willtek Communications announced that it has added TD-SCDMA functions to its mobile phone test device, which will reduce the test time for TD-SCDMA mobile phones. The device can be switched between 2G and 3G technologies, allowing makers to test mobile phones based on different standards simultaneously.

- According to China's MII (Ministry of Information Industry), the TD-SCDMA standards and devices developed by Datang as part of its three-year project have passed the government's tests.

- The joint venture between Nokia and Potevio in Wuhan, China, is expected to start producing 3G equipment in the first quarter of 2007. The production, previously projected to kick off in 2006, was hampered by some legal issues and was postponed after the establishment of the joint venture in May, 2006.