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Sony Announces Faulty Software Installed in 400,000 LCD TVs
February 16, 2006
According to recent statements by Sony, about 400,000 Bravia LCD TVs and rear-projection TVs the company has sold so far have faulty software. After 1,200 hours of use, the TVs run the risk of being unable to be turned off or switched out of standby-mode. The models were sold around the world, including approximately 350,000 units in the United States, 18,000 in China, 6,500 units in Japan and 30,000 units in Singapore and Hong Kong. In the United States, LCD TVs can be repaired by installing updated software via the TV's USB port, while rear-projection models need servicing from Sony. In Japan, consumers receiving digital or cable broadcasting can repair their models by downloading software via a digital broadcasting signal, but people receiving analog signals need servicing. Users in China will also need servicing.