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China's FPD TV Domestic Sales to Hit 1.5mln
December 23, 2005
According to China's MII (Ministry of Information Industry), the domestic sales of FPD (Flat-Panel Display) TVs in 2005 are expected to hit 1.54 million units. MII's statistics has also indicated that in the first half of 2005 3.6% of urban families in China owned LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs, while 2.8% owned PDP (Plasma Display Panel) TVs. From January to October, FPD TV production reached 4.6 million units, of which LCD TVs accounted for 3.3 million units, with 432% year-on-year growth; PDP TVs for 610,000 units, up 309% year-on-year; rear projection TVs for 660,000 units, down 22% year-on-year. In addition, in the first three quarters, FPD TV exports amounted to nearly two million units.