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Fujitsu Reveals Future Processor Offerings
October 29, 2005
Fujitsu recently gave a glimpse of its future processors during the Fall Processor Forum held in the United States, which it will develop together with Sun for a joint server product line, called APL (Advanced Product Line). Towards the end of 2006 the company expects to roll out its Sparc64 VI processor, a dual-core offering carrying the name Olympus. It will have a surface of 423 square millimeters, while its power consumption will be 120W. The Sparc64 VI+, a follow-up to the Sparc64 VI, is targeted for launch in 2008. Codenamed Jupiter, this will be a four-core model with clock speeds of at least 2.7GHz. Its surface will be 460 square millimeters, but the company would not guarantee that power consumption would be as low as on the Sparc64 VI offering.