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Hitachi Entering the WLAN Module Market
July 08, 2005
Hitachi recently announced that it will expand its activities into the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) module market. The company says it has developed one of the smallest modules in the world, manufacturing two types, one with an amplifier and the other one without one, for use in PCs. Measurements of the module with an amplifier are 9?.6?/SPAN>6mm, with the initial price for this model being 1,000 Yen per unit. Shipment of the modules will start at the end of the fiscal year 2005, and mass production is projected to begin in the fiscal year 2006. Hitachi has a sales target of one billion Yen in the fiscal year 2006.


Hitachi has tried to expand its operations beyond the steel-sector and has been focusing on electronics materials and parts. Murata and several other electronics parts makers will be Hitachi's main rivals in the WLAN module market.