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Display - Flat-Screen CRT TV Production Moves out of Korea
June 08, 2005
LG Electronics will start production of flat-screen CRT televisions in India in June 2005, and it also plans to start production of CRT televisions in Shenyang, China, Poland, and Mexico before the end of 2005. LG electronics officially introduced its flat-screen CRT television in February 2005, and until now production has mainly taken place in Gumi, Korea. Flat-screen CRT televisions produced at the Korean plant are mostly distributed to North America, Europe and Asian markets.


Between March and April 2005, Samsung started production of flat-screen CRT televisions in Mexico and Slovakia, directed at the North American and European markets, respectively. Samsung stated that after its success in North America and Europe, it is considering advancing into the Chinese, Indian, and South East Asian markets.