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East Asia ICT - NRI Outlines Future ICT Penetration in Japan
June 02, 2005
NRI (Normura Research Institute) last week announced predictions for rate of future technology adoption in Japanese market. The institute sees fiber optic services taking off in earnest during the second half of 2005, thanks to the prevalence of large screen TVs. The end of 2008 is expected to see the widespread penetration of 1Gbps, with Giga Services coming to the fore in 2009.


In the mobile communications segment, 3.5 Giga phones will hit commercialization in the second half of 2005, with broad penetration by the second half of 2006. 4G handsets sporting speeds of 100Gbps are anticipated to emerge by 2010. Rapid growth of WiMAX is expected to occur starting in 2007.


NRI also posits that the application of IPv6 will begin to extend beyond the PC space in 2005, to encompass IP TV, IP telephony, IP camera, and digital information appliances. IP mobile phones are expected to reach a higher degree of penetration from 2006 onward. At the end of 2007, NRI projects that automotive networking will begin using IPv6.