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Mobile Communications - DoCoMo to Discontinue Main 2G Line
November 18, 2004
DoCoMo will soon conclude its primary product line for 2G services, the 500 series, and continue to consolidate its sales of 3G phones, readying for the growing acceptance of the next-generation services in the Japanese market. DoCoMo's decision coincides with its latest rollout of 3G handsets, retailing at approximately 35,000 Yen (US$337.5; US$1=103.7). 


A total of five models from this new line, the 900i series, will be launched in stages, with the first one supplied by Sharp. The handsets will come with twin stereo speakers and anti-virus software, and three of them will adopt Sony's FeliCa smart chip, which allows users to make payments through handsets.


The Japanese company has a 3G subscriber base of 7.3 million and has sold 5.6 million 3G handsets.


Despite the 3G hype, DoCoMo said the launch of 2G handsets in the 200 series would continue. The line will be dedicated to handsets that appeal for style rather than features.