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Display - Pioneer to Add PDP TV Line in Japan
November 18, 2004
Japanese PDP (Plasma Display Panel) TV maker Pioneer has plans to further expand its PDP TV capacity by building another PDP TV production line in Japan. The plant is expected to boost Pioneer's PDP TV annual output by 50% to 1.6 million units by fiscal 2007. While construction expenses are estimated at 27 billion yen (US$259.6 million; US$1=104 yen), total investment into the line will not exceed 100 billion yen (US$961.5 million). Construction will begin as early as 2005.


A project team will be formed to supervise the line's establishment, which should take one to two years. The production line will concentrate on higher value-added TVs 40" to 60" in size. New technologies will also be introduced, such as pixel light-emission enhancement to build-up competitiveness against LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs.


Although Pioneer plans to keep its plasma panel production 100% Japan-based, some of its PDP TV assembling is performed in overseas operations.


Pioneer ramped up its annual plasma panel capacity to 1.1 million units after acquiring NEC's plasma TV business in October 2004.