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Mobile Communications - TU Media of Korea Applies for Mobile TV License
November 16, 2004
Korea's TU Media, in which SK Telecom has a 30% stake, recently applied for a license for launching mobile television services via satellite. If approved, TU media will be able to provide such services to three Korean operators, allowing subscribers assess to 14 video and 24 audio channels. 


The company will pay 13.7 billion Won (US$12.6 million; US$1=1089.7 Won) for the license to the Korean Broadcasting Commission, which currently refrains from permitting TU Media to retransmit terrestrial broadcasts on satellite-based mobile television services.


However, once the review process is completed, TU media is expected to start a pilot program early in 2005. Earlier, the company had set up a satellite transmission station and plans to install 4,800 land-based transmission facilities by the end of the year to have a blanket coverage.