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Display - Sampo, Sampotech to Integrate Resources
November 11, 2004
Effected by Gateway's consumer electronics department trim-down, Sampo performed poorly in 2004, and integration plans between Sampo and subsidiary Sampotech have been made to merge the two display companies' R&D, personnel, and production plants. The integration is expected to take place within the course of one to two years.


Following the integration, Sampotech will focus on higher value-added, higher unit-price LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors 19" and above, targeted at niche markets. Value-line model production, such as 17" LCD monitors, and offerings with thin profit margin will either be outsourced or phased out. Sampotech is also looking to expand into other product lines in the consumer electronics market, inclusive of the media center and DVD segments.


Sampo will put emphasis on large-size LCD TVs and PDP (Plasma Display Panel) TVs 42" and above, and consider procuring sizes 26" and under. It has currently secured value-line orders from US channel retailers Best Buy and Costco for its branded Maxent LCD and PDP TVs. PDP TV orders have been coming in from Chinese customers as well. In addition, Sampo's affiliated brand, Claire, is to be integrated back under Sampo.