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Display - LG. Philips' 7G Plant to First Focus on 32, 37-inches
November 08, 2004
The seventh generation LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panel plant in which LG. Philips invested US$2 billion is scheduled to launch into operation in 2005. A detailed schedule for mass production has not yet been unveiled.


Although seventh generation LCD panel plants are ideal for the production of LCD TV panels 40" and up, foreseeing the large demand for 32" and 37" LCD TV panels, the Korean-based panel plant will be focusing on 32" and 37" LCD TV panel in the initial stage. The mass production of 42" LCD panels for which the plant was originally designed will be pushed back until market demand calls out.


LG's strategy for the flat TV segment in 2005 is emphasis on 32" and 37" LCD TV, and on PDP (Plasma Display Panel) TV ranging between from 42" to 55". However, LG is also introducing the world's first 71" PDP TV in November 2004, in response to the trend for larger sizes. The new model has built-in speakers as well as a hard drive, which enables the consumer to record programs for as long as six hours.