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Chinese ICT - JV Looks to Bring HDTV, Broadband to China by 2008
November 05, 2004
A public-private joint venture called Asia Digital Media was unveiled this week that will build infrastructure to increase the availability of HDTV (High-Definition-Television) and broadband internet access in China. Partners within the venture include China Aerospace, New World Technology, RockRidge Asia Digital Media, and US software maker Entrust. The venture is being launched with an initial investment of US$20 million, with another round of investment planned for early 2005.


China Aerospace plans to have one or two satellites in orbit by the first part of the new year and hopes to begin offering services by the end of 2005. A wireless network will also be set up to handle the broadband segment of the venture. Entrust has a 25% stake in the venture, and they will provide anti-piracy software to protect against signal theft from cloned set-top boxes.


Asia Digital Media was authorized by the Chinese government in hopes of providing digital TV to the majority of households in time for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. The government also plans to make digital TV available to all Chinese households by 2015.