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Display - Pioneer Gives Peek Into Post-Merger PDP Plans
November 08, 2004
After officially adopting the name to Pioneer Plasma Display in October 2004 following the finalization of the NEC acquisition, the company plans on targeting the high-end market and is looking to expand its PDP (Plasma Display Panel) capacity to 1.2 million units by 2005. Pioneer says pre-merger capacity stood at 550,000 units in 2004.


While the four existing PDP production lines that Pioneer own are designed to produce 43" and 50" models, NEC's lines are capable of outputting PDPs ranging between 35" and 60". The merger is anticipated to bolster Pioneer's PDP product line within the 35" to 60" range.


The new company targets consumers at the top of the pyramid and the corporate market with XGA (Extended Graphics Array) panels, in contrast with the focus on VGA (Video Graphics Array) panel production among the company's Korean peers.