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Display - Korea Beats Japan in PDP Volume for Oct. 2004
November 04, 2004
For the first time in PDP (Plasma Display Panel) history, Korean makers overtook Japanese makers in single month shipments. In October 2004, South Korean PDP makers Samsung SDI and LG together surpassed Japanese players with a near 55% global market share between them, according to estimates from the industry.


Samsung SDI is said to have shipped approximately 12,000 units, and LG over 100,000 units, giving them a respective global share of approximately 30% and 25%.


Although Japanese players still led in third quarter PDP shipments, the two Korean makers' capacity burst in October placed Korea in front of Japan in terms of single month shipment volume.

Korean companies Samsung SDI and LG, and Japanese players Matsushita, FHP, NEC, and Pioneer currently account for over 95% of the world's PDP market share.