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Display - Low-Power Panels Extend Battery Life
November 01, 2004
The mobile PC EBL-WG (Extended Battery Life Working Group) recently claimed its success in driving for adoption of low-power display panels in notebook PCs. The group claims that shipment volume of low-power 12.1/14.1/15.0 XGA (Extended Graphics Array) at three watts or less is expected to reach six million units for 2004, accounting for approximately 12% of total notebook PC shipments. For 2005, the group is hoping to achieve an aggregate volume of 10 million units with low-power panels, about 20% of total notebook PC shipments. 


MIC, however, believes that further increases will be difficult, citing technological hurdles and the higher costs associated with low-power panels.


The initiative to extend battery life was started one year ago, in which major players have successfully reduced power consumption of display panels in notebook PCs. Makers are now able to cut panel power from 4.3-4.5 watts to three watts or less, allowing for 60 minutes more battery life in notebooks.


Recently joining the EBL-WG are companies such as AMD, ATI Technologies, BIC, Infineon, Millennium Cell, Motorola Energy Systems Group, O2Micro, and Sion Power. Existing members are Dell, Acer, Compal, Wistron, FIC, Fujitsu Limited, Inventec, Intel, IBM, LG, Matsushita, Microsoft, NEC, and Samsung.