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Data Communications - Dacom Opts Out of Korean Wireless Broadband
November 01, 2004
Korean operator Dacom recently announced that it would no longer pursue plans to enter the wireless broadband market, and instead, it will focus on the acquisition of high-speed Internet access provider Korea Thrunet. 


A statement from the company suggested that there were concerns that demand for wireless broadband would not be sufficient to justify the high cost of investment. However, the company left open the possibility of working together with other operators to provide 2.3 GHz wireless broadband services for mobile phones and PDAs.  


Dacom's announcement comes just one month before the Ministry of Information and Communication will begin accepting applications for wireless broadband service licenses. Aside from Dacom, KTC, SK Telecom, and Hanaro Telecom have also made known their intentions to apply for licenses. The Ministry of Information and Communication will issue licenses to select providers starting in February 2005.