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Display - CPT, FPDC Reevaluate PDP Plans
November 01, 2004
Under pressure from Korean makers LG and Samsung SDI, who are moving aggressively into PDP (Plasma Display Panel), Taiwanese PDP makers CPT (Chunghwa Picture Tube) and FPDC (Formosa Plasma Display) have decided to postpone plans for new PDP plant construction.


CPT is putting off the establishment of a second PDP line, which is slated for construction under CPTF Visual Display (Fuzhou) in China to gain access to the market. Meanwhile, its discussion with equipment makers concerning the production process of four-panel and six-panel output per substrate is still in progress. Cautious plans are made to ensure that the new plant will be competitive against the Korean players' moves.


CPT presently owns a PDP plant with a monthly input capacity of 7,000 substrates; production lines output one 42" PDP panel per substrate.


LG and Samsung SDI have invested large sums to construct new PDP TV panel production lines in 2005. Both makers claim that they will soon introduce production lines capable of cutting four PDP panels out of one substrate; capacity will later be expanded to six-panels per substrate.