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Taiwan's MIC Collaborates with Swiss IMD to Step Up Taiwan's Digital Transformation Journey
November 15, 2022

In the face of the rapidly changing global business environment, digital transformation is the key to industrial upgrading. To keep pace with digital transformation and provide tips on how Taiwan's industry can have a better shift into digital transformation, the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) of the Institute of Information Industry (III) holds the "Digital Vortex.Winning Strategy" seminar on November 14, 2022, in cooperation with the prestigious IMD (International Institute for Management Development). Digital Vortex is a series of biennial studies launched in 2015 by the IMD. When deploying the Digital Vortex research framework for the first time, MIC has invited several IMD's experts to assess the impacts of digital transformation and digital disruption facing the globe and Taiwan based on three aspects of performance measures: "responses to digital disruption", and "digital business agility," and "impact sentiment." Taking international trends into account, MIC aims to identify the pain points of Taiwanese industries affected by digital transformation and plays its role as a trusted third party to assist Taiwanese companies and organizations in formulating their next-step transformation strategies.Chis Hung, VP and Director General of the MIC, stated at the seminar that since unpredictable changes and disruptions will become the new normal for global industry, industry players should develop long-term organizational transformation strategies and evaluate the effect of adopting various smart technology solutions to improve the flexibility and resilience of internal and external operations of businesses to ensure their sustainable competitiveness in the future.