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Global 5G Smartphone Shipments to Top Over 700 Million in 2022: MIC
September 08, 2022

The Ericsson Mobility Report stated that the global 5G market had an accumulative number of approximately 70 million new 5G subscriptions during the second quarter of 2022 and the total number of 5G subscription topped 690 million as of the end of 2Q 2022, according to the Commercial Daily News on September 8. China had the highest growth rate with an accumulative number of 10 million 5G subscriptions in the second quarter of 2022 alone, followed by India's 7 million, and Indonesia's 4 million.
Global smartphone market volume is estimated to reach 1.37 billion units in 2022, 714 million or 52.2% of which will be 5G smartphones, according to MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute). On top of that, MIC estimates that Apple 5G iPhones alone will account for 83.8% of the global 5G smartphone shipments in 2022. Established in 1987, MIC is a division of III (Institute for Information Industry), a major government think tank, and one of the leading IT research institutes in Taiwan.