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Taiwan Mobile, Chunghwa Telecom, and Far EasTone Telecoms Separately Unveil Their Plan for 5G
July 21, 2020

Taiwanese leading telecom operator Taiwan Mobile recently announced that it has cooperated with Taiwan-based Formosa Plastic Transport Corp. to jointly develop 5G commercial autonomous cars, the China Times reported on July 21. Under the tie-up, the telco will provide 5G networks and V2X (Vehicle to Everything) solutions to Formosa Plastic Transport which owns 1,500 trucks and plans to use its affiliated Chang Tung Health and Culture Village as a test ground.
Meanwhile, Chunghwa Telecom and Far EasTone Telecoms also separately revealed their plan for 5G. Chunghwa Telecom teams up with Taiwan’s National Formosa University for 5G smart manufacturing. Pursuant to the agreement, they will set up a 5G smart manufacturing demo center at the Telecom Training Institute of Chunghwa Telecom in Taichung. The Institute has been dedicated to research in 4G smart transport, AR/VR commercial applications, smart live streaming, eHealth, telemedicine, remote care, and drone. Far EasTone Telecoms has joined hands with Microsoft and Delta to build Taiwan’s first 5G smart factory at the premises of Delta's Guishan factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Under the tie-up, Far EasTone Telecoms will provide 5G networks while Delta and Microsoft will offer smart equipment and cloud-based solutions, respectively, to upgrade Delta’s Guishan factory, which will be a test ground for 5G applications.