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China Unicom, ZTE Join Hands for 6G
May 20, 2020

China Unicom and ZTE entered into a 6G cooperative agreement on May 17, with an aim to commercialize 6G networks by 2030, the Commercial Times reported on May 1. Under the agreement, they will team up to carry out the development and research of 6G in technology innovation and standard establishment based on their experience in large-scale 5G network commercialization. The cooperation will also include the deep fusion between satellite networks, IoT (Internet of Things), IoV (Internet of Vehicles) and the industrial IoT, and potential 6G technologies, including the space, air, and earth integration technology, terahertz technology, visible light communication technology, and more. China’s MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) has started to look into 6G since 2018. Other than China, Japan, Korea, and Finland are also actively developing 6G. The goal of their 6G networks is to achieve 1Tbps peak data rate, 20Gbps user data rate, and 100Gbps/m3 service capacity.