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TSMC Joins Hands with STMicroelectronics for GaN Technology
February 21, 2020

The world’s largest foundry TSMC recently announced that it will team up with STMicroelectronics with an aim to speed up the development of GaN (Gallium Nitride) process technology and time-to-market of advanced GaN solutions, the Central News Agency reported on February 21. Under the tie-up, ST’s GaN products will be fabricated using TSMC’s GaN process technology. GaN is a wide bandgap semiconductor material to ensure better energy efficiency and has been widely adopted in a broad range of applications such as automotive, industrial, telecom, and some specific consumer applications. GaN-based products such as automotive converters and chargers for hybrid and electric vehicles are reportedly to be 10 times faster than silicon-based products on the same topologies. This allows ST to come out with more high efficiency solutions for medium- and high-power applications. ST anticipates the first sample of power GaN devices to be delivered later this year, followed by GaN IC products a few months later.