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Taiwan Glora Alliance Established to Seize New AI and IoT Opportunities
February 20, 2020

On February 18, Asus Founder Stan Shih launched the Taiwan Glora Alliance, which has a national open-source wireless communications platform built on the homegrown GloRa technology, the Commercial Times reported on February 19. Short for Global Radio, GloRa technology reportedly can support both 4G and 5G networks. Therefore, Shih stated that this new platform will facilitate Taiwan companies to look for the best way to tap into new AI and IoT opportunities by jointly building a GloRa ecosystem. Businesses can build their own infrastructure based on GloRa technology to ensure scalability, interoperability, security, and maintainability within the ecosystem. Thus far, GloRa members are some major players in the industry, academia, and research sectors such as Acer, MediaTek, AUO, Wistron, NCTU (National Chiao Tung University), III (Institute for Information Industry), ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), Taipei Computer Association, and TwloTA (Taiwan IoT Technology and Industry Association). GloRa technology has been used in smart transportation, smart city, smart sensing, smart lighting, YouBike, smart agriculture, and GPS tracking services for rescue teams.