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Mobile Communications - Samsung Targets India's Value-Line Handset Segment
June 18, 2004
Samsung will be rolling out value-line handsets in the Indian market, using CDMA chips produced in-house. Samsung was reported to have begun negotiations an Indian customer earlier in 2004; however, talks over the procurement of phones using Samsung's CDMA chips fell through due to disagreements over price.


Samsung had already started supplying the SPH-X09000 handsets, using a CMDA2000 1x chipset, to KTF in May 2003. The IS-95A/B chip was first rolled out in 1999, and sold close to a million units before the close of the year.


Looking to curry favorable licensing terms from Qualcomm, Samsung agreed to halt the selling of the chips to other makers. Yet Samsung can use the chips within their own phones for the domestic market or for export.