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Display - Taiwanese Supplier Announces CF Capacity Expansion
June 16, 2004
AMTC (Allied Material Technology) announced plans to build a 6G plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Construction is slated to begin in September, 2004; equipment will be installed by the fourth quarter of 2005, while the plant is expected to hit volume production by 2006. Initial monthly capacity is estimated at 300,000 units. Motherglass for the plant will be 1500mm x 1850mm.


AMTC is also planning to revamp another line in July, shifting color filter thickness to 0.5mm and implementing coating technology. The line is expected to output samples later in June. Economical cutting sizes for both of its existing lines are primarily 15".


The company's announcements come at a time when customers are boosting in-house production of color filter. However, AMTC has stated that pane makers will continue to maintain second sources to hedge against technological and market shifts.