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Compal to Expand Production Capacity in Taiwan and Vietnam; Begins Google Phone Shipments
January 17, 2020

Taiwanese Compal recently revealed that the company will increase capital expenditure this year to over NT$5 billion (US$ 1.67 million) mainly for the expansion of production capacity in both Taiwan and Vietnam with an aim to alleviate the impact of the China-US trade war, the Economic Daily News reported on January 17. Compal currently has two factories in Taiwan while its factory in Vietnam will mainly produce products imposed with additional tariffs by the Trump administration. Meanwhile, Google phones contract manufactured by Compal has begun shipments on January 17, alongside with shipments of other non-PC products including the Google Assistant, the Amazon Echo Devices, and the Apple Watch and iPad. With AI and 5G technologies in place, Compal also has invested in smart medical care, 5G module, and automobile electronics that are expected to make significant contributions to the company’s revenue this year. On top of that, Compal which continued to dominate the global notebook PC market in 2019 and claimed 25.25% of global market share will continue to play a key role in the noteobok PC market 2020.