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Taiwan Allocates Funds to the NCC for 5G R&D
August 21, 2019

The Taiwanese government has allocated NT$26.6 million (US$ 847,080) for a 3.5-year project which is designed to help the NCC (National Communications Commission) in preparation for the commercialization of 5G services, the United Daily News reported on August 18. The funding will be used to facilitate the partnership between telecom operators and vertical application developers and will also be used for cybersecurity to deal with the issues that might arise following the launch. This project will gather communication equipment manufacturers, 5G telecom operators, and relevant government agencies with an aim to jointly develop a 5G business model. While the NCC has a Telecom Technology Center dedicated to studying cybersecurity issues, the commission plans to apply for more funding from the National Science and Technology Development Fund to subsidize the development of 5G services and applications during the period 2020-2022.