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Quanta, MIT Forming New Smart Healthcare Alliance
July 24, 2019

Taiwanese Quanta and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) recently announced that they will enter into a five-year cooperation agreement targeting computational healthcare or smart healthcare, the Economic Daily News reported on July 17. In the future, Quanta and MIT are poised to establish a new smart medicine alliance with Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Taiwan’s leading hospitals to facilitate hospital management, physician diagnosis, disease progression, patient recovery and prognosis by introducing Quanta’s AI and machine learning solutions. While Quanta is set to recruit more AI talents, the company declined to reveal which hospital in Taiwan has joined the alliance. This is the third time they collaborate. The cooperation with MIT started in 2005 through a project called T-Park. The second cooperation took place in 2010 under the project name of Qmulus. The Qmulus project adopted Quanta’s private cloud solutions to revamp the infrastructure such as remote home care systems within hospitals and across different platforms like smartphones, tablets, and smart wearables.