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FET and Microsoft Taiwan Expand Cooperation in Cloud and 5G
July 09, 2019

Taiwan’s telecom operator FET (Far EasTone Telecommunications) recently announced the strategic cooperation with Microsoft Taiwan with an aim to boost their market presence in big data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and IoT (Internet of Things), the United Daily News reported on July 1. Under the cooperation, FET not only will accelerate the pace of digital transformation but also will be able to provide clients enterprise-level smart cloud solutions such as smart retail, smart manufacturing, and smart medical in connection with 5G technology. Moreover, FET has already had a new office of 60-70 employees dedicated to digital transformation. So far, FET has about 5,800 employees, including 3,000 customer service staff, and the number of digital talents is estimated to account for 30% of its total employees next year.