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Innolux Shows Muscle of AI Intelligent Force
June 14, 2019

Innolux 's AI Intelligent Supply Chain Conference debuted. James Yang, President of Innolux, said that AI big data and the integration of software and hardware make Innolux not only in manufacturing industry but also in AI service providing industry. In the past five years, Innolux invested US$ 100 million in automated tooling and equipment development, saving nearly 5,000 direct personnel and US$270 million in fees from 2016 to 2019. Innolux's AI is also striving for business outside the panel industry and expanding new businesses such as new retail.

Innolux had predicted the risk of high wages in the mainland China so the production line was moved back to Taiwan to establish a one-stop production line for automated touch in 2012. In addition, Automation 3.0 of 2012 was upgraded to the "zero touch" light-off factory in 2019.

Innolux 's automation equipment is not only for own use, but also has overseas orders. Whether the complicated assembly program of Japanese game consoles or the China 's high-profile camera phone, there are 100% made with Innolux 's automation and zero touch equipment.