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Gigabyte Technology Products to the US Start to Be Manufactured in Taiwan instead of China
May 25, 2019
In response to the US-China War’s recent escalation, Taiwanese Gigabyte Technology recently announced that it has moved its production lines for notebook PCs, motherboards, and data cards, to be shipped to the United States mainly, back to Taiwan, the Economic Daily News reported on May 21. With the aim to alleviate the impact, the company has started to get ready for the incident since last November by increasing its production capacity in Zhongli, Taiwan. Since the trade dispute started last year, motherboards coming from China have had a 10% tariff imposed on them. And this year the United States is to raise tariffs for China-made electronics, including motherboards to 25%. Gigabyte stated that the capacity in Taiwan is not significantly limited by the production scale but insufficient labor supply and relatively high transportation cost as part of materials have to be exported from overseas.