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Taiwan’s Government Think Tank Launches AI Resume Analysis Service to Facilitate Digital Talent Match Across Taiwan.
May 24, 2019

Backed by the DIGI+ Talent Accelerator & Jumpstart Program of Taiwan’s IDB (Industrial Development Bureau), MoEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs), Taiwan’s Government Think Tank III (Institute for Information Industry) recently announced that it plans to initiate three cross-domain Digital Talent Internship Matchmaking Workshops, one each in northern, central, and southern Taiwan to match digital businesses with interns from 84 universities and colleges in Taiwan. In addition, III is to launch the self-developed AI Resume Analysis Service through which digital businesses are able to speed matching process and find a good intern match. Over 1,000 undergraduates and graduates are expected to submit their resumes and approximately 600 of them will obtain paid internships. Before a six-month internship, they will get compulsory training first in July, 2019.