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Microsoft Separately Teams Up with SK Telecom and Sony to Explore New Opportunities
May 18, 2019

Microsoft recently announced that it has entered a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with SK Telecom to jointly explore business opportunities mainly from 5G, cloud computing and AI (Artificial Intelligence) the Korea Times reported on March 13. Under the tie-up, they will focus on AI-, 5G-, and IoT-powered products and services by consolidating NUGU AI platform of SK Telecom and Cortana AI platform of Microsoft. In February 2019, they already teamed up for smart factory solutions such that SK Telecom’s big data system, called Metatron, can be run on Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure. 

On March 17, Microsoft also announced its partnership with Sony, one of its rivalries for decades, with an aim to compete against Google, Amazon, and Apple in the gaming sector, the Financial Times reported on May 17. The cooperation will focus mainly on cloud-based gaming market by consolidating Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation to develop a unified platform to help them maximize their market share and profits in the gaming market.