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Samsung to Invest USD 116 Billion for Non-memory ICs and Wafer Foundries
April 25, 2019

Samsung recently announced that the company will earmark a total of 133 trillion Won (USD116 billion; US$1 = 1,144 Won) for the development of logic ICs and wafer foundries in the next 10 years, the United Daily News reported on April 25. According to the plan, Samsung will allocate 73 trillion Won (USD63.8 billion) for domestic R&D, and 60 trillion Won (USD 52.4 billion) for infrastructure construction. By 2030, Samsung not only aims to reduce its reliance on the volatile memory chips from Qualcomm and Intel but also strives to develop ICs to power autonomous cars, 5G, and AI-enabled devices. Ultimately, the company aims to dominate both the memory IC and logic IC markets by 2030. Other than Samsung, NVidia also acquired Israeli chipmaker Mellanox Technologies for USD6.8 billion in March 2019, with an aim to squeeze Intel’s market share in the datacenter and AI business sectors.