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Taiwan Promotes Tangram to Become the IoT Standard for Machine Tools
March 15, 2019

Taiwan's IIOTA (Industrial Internet of Things Association) and Tangram, a Taiwan-based IoT solution startup, recently announced that they will jointly build a bottom-up industrial IoT ecosystem and make Tangram solutions a common IoT standard for machine tools in Taiwan, the China Times reported on March 4. Established in 2018, Tangram has over 40 R&D teams and major partners such as National Formosa University, Chunghwa Telecom and III (Institute for Information Industry ) to integrate, design, and manufacture new IoT products and services integrated with domain knowledge.
Moreover, Tangram is also set to provide the last mile supporting service, called Tangram IoT Cloud, for IIOTA members to collect data and build their IoT systems more efficiently. Tangram is projected to produce the first batch of 1,000 Tangram IoT sensor devices in the first quarter of 2019 and eventually have 20,000 Tangram connected devices every year.