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T STAR Strengthens 5G Deployment with Nokia
March 08, 2019

Taiwan's telecom operator T Star (Taiwan Star) Telecom recently announced that it has deepened 5G deployment with Nokia with an aim to prep for 5G bidding and commercialization by 2020, the China Times reported on February 26. Under the tie-up, they will adopt 5G non-standalone option 3X to build 5G outdoor experimental field leveraging 3500 MHz base stations and massive MIMO adaptive antennas to meet demands for AR/VR, 4K/8K streaming, instant gaming and sports-event services, and IoT and large-volume application testing. T Star's cooperation with Nokia dated back to 2017. Last year, they worked together on several fields including smart city, smart home and health care while integrating their 5G labs and testing AR/VR applications.