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MediaTek and Nokia Jointly Establish New R&D Center in Finland for 5G Development
March 06, 2019

Taiwan’s IC (Integrated Circuit) design company MediaTek recently announced that it and Nokia have set up a new R&D center in Oulu, Finland, for the development of 5G chips, the United Daily News reported on March 3. Most importantly, the MediaTek M70 SoC has completed the first round of 5G interoperability test with Nokia AirScale 5G base station with an aim to extend their reach from smartphone to medical care, automobile, robot, and industrial domains. Other than being the only chip partner of Nokia in the Oulu R&D center, MediaTek added that nearly 80% of its employees in the center used to work in Nokia and has thus possessed wireless communications technology R&D capabilities to facilitate the cooperation. 
In addition, the company also unveiled that it has received the investment from Finland Government for NB-IoT (Narrow-Band Internet of Things) project. No further details have been revealed about this project though.