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Foxconn to Expand Industrial IoT Deployments in China and India
February 15, 2019

Foxconn has successfully implemented the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution into its Sharp television factory in Nanjing, China, the United Daily News reported on February 11. With the constant promotion of IIoT, Foxconn not only promotes the lights-out factory and smart factory but also speeds up the application development.

According to the Economic Times, Foxconn has also reached an agreement with the State of Telangana, India, through FII (Foxconn Industrial Internet) one of its subsidiaries in January 30. Under the deal, Foxconn decides to establish an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) R&D center in Hyderabad to combine industrial and academic resources, dedicating itself to becoming a global hub by integrating AI, IIoT, Cloud Computing, IoT, and 5G technologies. In addition to the manufacturing bases in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Foxconn is also set to establish a high-end iPhone assembly line for Apple.